Jason Floyd

ABS Apprentice
TKG Lonestar Maker

Top Notch Blades, Amarillo, TX

Ryan Minchew

Minchew Knives, Midland, TX

Jason Redick

Forged in Fire, S2,e6 Nepalese Kukri Champion

Angry Giant Forge, Fletcher, North Carolina

Eland Green

TKG Lone Star Maker
Last Blade Standing 2021, #6

Lost Wood Knives, Callisburg, TX

Jeff Davidson

American Bladesmith Society Member
TKG Lone Star Member

Jeff Davidson Custom Knives, Ft. Worth, TX

Seth Borries

Gulf States Knifemakers Association
Forged in Fire, S6,e26, Napoleon’s Saber Champion

Southern Long Beards Knives, Gautier, MS

Johnny Stout

ABS Apprentice Smith
Texas Knifemakers Guild

Johnny Stout Handmade Knives, New Braunfels, TX

Jason Howell

ABS Journeyman Smith
TKG – Lone Star Knifemaker
Forged in Fire, S3,e13

Howell Knives, Brazoria, TX

Jarrod Fiscus

Forged in Fire S7,e31, Horseman’s Tabar and Hidden Dagger Champion

Waving Hands Forge, Rangely, CO

Greg Dashevsky

Texas Knife Guild

Greg Dash Customs, Staten Island, NY

Ray Kirk

ABS Master Smith
Alabama Forge Council
Knife Group Association
Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association
Forged in Fire, S1,e8
Forged in Fire, S4,e5

Raker Knives, Tahlequah, OK

Jeff Peters

Forged in Fire, S6, e18 The Messer Sword Champion

Old Wolf Forge, Georgetown, KY

Welcome to the largest gathering of custom knifemakers in the Greater Houston area!

April 2 & 3, 2022