Knife Judging

Knife Judging will be Friday evening, March 31, 2023.

Table holders will be the judges for all of the categories except BEST of Show, which will be chosen by a select group.

2022 Winner’s Gallery

Award Categories









BEST BOWIE          




Entry Rules 

Entries for knife awards may only be submitted by Knifemaker table holders who are the primary maker of the knife.  Blade and handle shaping and finishing at minimum should have been done by the maker submitting the knife. 

A knife may only be entered in one category, however a knifemaker may enter as many knives as they wish.  A maker may enter one knife per category.

Knifemakers MUST have their knives submitted at the Judging area in the Expo Center by 5pm on Friday, March 31.  No late entries will be allowed.  Knives and awards will be available for pick up until 8pm Friday night.  Knives not claimed will be held overnight and returned the next day.

Awards will be challenge coin style trophies and photograph by Jim Cooper – Sharp by Coop.

Category Guidelines

BEST OF SHOW This category is chosen from the winners of all categories.

BEST ART KNIFE No blade length requirements. Fancy and sharp.

BEST BOWIE 9” minimum blade length.

BEST CULINARY All knives entered into the category must be traditionally used in the Culinary Arts. There are different shapes from around the world, but it needs to be a Culinary Specific knife for any culture.

BEST DAGGER Maximum Blade Length 12” from front to scales or guard, a sharp pointed knife with two sharp edges featuring symmetrical geometry suitable for thrusting and stabbing.

BEST FIGHTER A fighter is any blade shape the maker chooses with a defined guard regardless of material and construction. Blade length under 9″ (tip to guard).

BEST FOLDER  This category includes all folding knives, including Balisongs.

BEST HUNTER  A knife used to care for harvested game such as skinning and cutting meat.

BEST TACTICAL  No blade limit: No specific shape or construction: Blade must not be a high polish. Matte gray is acceptable. Folders are permitted in this category so long as the blade isn’t a high polished blade.

BEST TOMAHAWK Must have at least one sharpened edge and being able to wield it single handed. The rear portion is left up to the discretion of the maker – could include a spike, bludgeon type hammer, etc.

BEST UTILITY A knife suitable for everyday use no longer than 8” overall, from pommel to tip.

BEST SWORD Minimum 22″ from tip to guard.

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