JW Randall

ABS Master Bladesmith 2003
2017 International Forged in Fire Champion
S4,e19 Spadroon

JW Randall Custom Knives, Keithville, LA

Billy Salyers

American Bladesmith Society
Forged in Fire S7,e9 Champion
Mad Jack Churchill’s Scottish Backsword

Yellow Rose Forge / Redeemed Steel, Rutherfordton, NC

Brian Luckey Easterling

Forged in Fire, S7,e32 Tomahawk and Bowie Knife Champion

Luckey Town Customs, Mize, MS

J. Alex Ruiz

ABS Member
TKG Lone Star Member
Artist Blacksmiths of North America
Forged in Fire, S5, e13 Horseman’s Axe Champion

Volundr Forge, San Antonio, TX

Jo Smith

Forged in Fire S3,e9 Champion
The Pandat
Knife or Death S1,e1 Winner
Texas Select 2021 Chop Champ

Silver Anvil Metal Craft, Branson, MO

Rita Thurman

Forged in Fire S7e28 Champion
Samurai Showdown

Pixie Smash Forge, Kansas City, MO

Scott Thomas

Forged in Fire S2,e3 Champion Scottish Claymore
Forged in Fire S3,e11

Buccaneer Forge, Bella Vista, CA

G. Kent Carter

Texas Knifemakers’ Guild

G. Kent Carter Knives, Caldwell, TX

Alice Carter

Texas Knifemakers’ Guild
FEGA Member

Alice Carter Engraving, Caldwell, TX

Dwayne Dushane

Dushane Handmade Knives and Engraving, Andrews, TX

Aric Davis

American Bladesmith Society Apprentice
Forged in Fire S7, e21

Cross Hammer Knives, Wyandotte, OK

Joe McNeely

Texas Knifemakers’ Guild

Joe McNeely Custom Blades and Barbara McNeely Sheaths, Stephenville, TX

Paul Elkins

Forged in Fire S8, e34

Gentle Giant Forge, Mesa, AZ

Nelson Patterson

Texas Knifemakers’ Guild Lone Star Maker

NP Blades, China Spring, TX

Shane Stainton

American Bladesmith Society
Texas Knifemakers’ Guild LoneStar Member

Red Dog Forge, Fairfield, TX

Trevor Holtan

The Knifemakers’ Guild
Texas Knifemakers’ Guild

Holtan Knives, Burleson, TX

Dennis Stewart

Lazy S Blades, Cypress, TX

Brian Milinski

Milinski Knives, Meadow Place, TX

Jason Tippy

Louisiana Custom Knifemakers Association

Tippy Customs, Breaux Bridge, LA

Mark Birchard

Texas Knifemakers Guild
Forging Friendships, ep 1 – 4

Yahweh Ranch Forge, Thrall, TX