BEST Boosters – Benefitting Our Community

Each year, Cowboy Szymanski of Phenix Knives donates a custom knife to the local Bellville Engineering, Science & Technology (BEST) Booster Club, which is raffled off to raise money for their scholarship program and summer science camp.

To date, the knife raffle has raised $31,000 in scholarship awards for BHS graduates focused on science studies. BEST Boosters will be selling the raffle tickets during the April 6 – 7 event in Bellville. The winner will be drawn at the end of the show on Sunday.

Partnering with The Bellville Lions Club to be the primary food/beer vendor for the event keeps those dollars right here at home benefiting our community. The Lions are major supporters of numerous charities and nonprofits in the area. The Lions Club will be offering hot plates and cold beer. Their high school protege group, the Leos, will be selling a variety of soft drinks.